In services, product development, and other processes that are not easily automated, the flow of information and interactions between people and customers are the main factors that impact quality and efficiency. By making processes rather than tasks the focus of your collaborative work efforts, TaskStudio enables you to analyze and improve these processes more directly.

You can use TaskStudio in your Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, or Design for Six Sigma projects to:

1. Map information flows for decision making and eliminate communications gaps. Since TaskStudio uses concrete document and applications in its models, you get a level of systems transparency that is simply not possible with a high level process map.

2. Identify more precise ways to reduce cycle time. Business process management software fall short of truly enabling six sigma and lean six sigma efforts. These software tools are too high level and abstract and don't support dynamic individual work. You can analyze TaskStudio's process models to discover precisely why errors in your work occured.

3. Quantify information work activities. TaskStudio lets you measure information flows to see how much time and money you actually expend on collecting, analyzing, and using information.

4. More easily coordinate your process improvement or Six Sigma teams. TaskStudio's executable models, where you can simply click to launch the documents and applications in a process, lets your team test process variations. You can quickly and effectively carry out design of experiments.

To better understand how you can leverage TaskStudio on your next project, please contact us now to setup a detailed demonstration or pilot project.