TaskStudio is a collaborative process design software. Unlike repetitive processes that you can automate, activities such as product development, new product introduction, or custom solution design are dynamic and collaborative.

Finding ways to streamline these processes has always been a challenge. TaskStudio helps you identify and reduce inefficiencies, errors, miscommunications, and information gaps in these core processes that most impact your business.

TaskStudio impacts your process improvement efforts in 3 ways:

  • First, it enables people with different levels of process skill to participate remotely. You won't have to organize as many lengthy meetings.

  • Second, TaskStudio enables you to create more realistic and accurate process maps. You can identify opportunities to improve that you simply can't spot with just a high level analysis. And you won't waste time figuring out what some abstract flowchart is really referring to.

  • Third, because TaskStudio integrates process information and related content, you can test and improve your processes on a daily basis instead of waiting weeks and months to see results.

Whether you're a Six Sigma Black Belt who wants to optimize workflows, an executive who wants to cut costs and cycle times, or an IT manager who wants to pinpoint system priorities, TaskStudio will increase your productivity and process insights.

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  • Microsoft Windows 2000, NT, XP, or Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Office 97 or higher
  • 8MB hard disk space