Process owners seeking to increase the efficiencies of their business processes have to collect process data such as which tools were used to perform certain tasks from across their organization. TaskStudio reduces the tediousness of process description and data collection, enabling more rapid and ongoing process improvement efforts. Process modeling with TaskStudio supports six sigma initiatives by enabling geographically distributed teams to collaboratively define and improve their business processes. Read more...

Business, financial, and data analysts have to combine information from many different sources to complete their analyses and final reports. Today, these analysts cut and paste information from multiple sources into a single file that they can manage, making it impossible to later determine the original source of some information. TriPlus TaskStudio delivers the ability to manage and visually access enterprise content to find relevant information faster, visually access it, and produce auditable trails of information flows

Consultants are continuously pressed for time. Both technical and management consultants need tools that allow them to plan their work, execute their analyses, and make final presentations to their clients fast. TriPlus TaskStudio enables consultants to quickly organize and structure their work as they go and collaborate with a much larger set of client personnel on specific applications or documents in their work process.

Information workers in call centers, control rooms, and financial trading floors must use multiple applications simultaneously to accomplish their tasks. Searching for the right window in these time sensitive environments can be quite costly. TriPlus WinSpace allows these information workers to manage larger numbers of application windows, better navigate their desktop, and switch between complex tasks faster.