TriPlus TaskStudio is a collaborative process design software. TaskStudio enables organizations to gain visibility into informational work processes at the individual desktop level and increase the productivity of critical knowledge workers. With TaskStudio, you can:

  • Manage complexity by clearly modeling tasks, applications, and documents used in a project or activity.

  • Reduce project cycle times, reduce errors, and bridge information gaps in core business processes.

  • Visualize relationships between different applications and documents to gain insight into work processes.

  • Streamline your Six Sigma and process improvement projects.

TriPlus WinSpace is a virtual desktop management tool that helps knowledge workers who must use lots of applications simultaneously to gain control of their desktops. WinSpace enables users to:

  • Reduce desktop clutter

  • Navigate through desktop application windows visually

  • Switch quickly between complex tasks requiring simultaneous access to multiple application windows