TaskStudio Software Enables Collaborative Process Design
TriPlus Technologies Introduces Breakthrough Modeling Software for Windows

Atlanta, GA and Santa Barbara, CA, July 20, 2006 : TriPlus Technologies, developer of the market leading WinSpace(TM) desktop management software, today announced the latest version of TaskStudio, its knowledge work modeling solution for Microsoft Windows.

TriPlus TaskStudio is a desktop application for modeling knowledge work and helps knowledge workers effectively manage their various projects, tasks, applications, documents, and data. With TaskStudio, knowledge workers can visually structure and model their work, navigate information at multiple levels, and get more productive even as project complexity increases. Unlike workflow and business process management tools that require difficult to learn modeling languages, TaskStudio offers the power of a modeling tool in an intuitive interface that requires no specialized training.

Central to TaskStudio's functionality is ContextCapture, a technology that creates a comprehensive record of work in real time as routine tasks are performed, and in the context of a particular project or task. As a project evolves, TaskStudio automatically tracks and compiles activity data and then presents it visually. Because knowledge work is inherently unpredictable, TaskStudio does not require you to create an end-to-end model of your project or process at the outset. Instead, TaskStudio captures and organizes your tasks and subtasks as you work. You can then go back and fine tune your work plan or process model as needed.

"Managers today largely function as knowledge workers, continually deluged with information," said TriPlus exec, Anand Ramachandran. "Most people can manage the applications and documents currently active on their desktop, but trying to manually track the thousands of documents, emails, and web sites accessed during a project can quickly result in information overload. The ability to break this information overload cycle is critical to making better business decisions. TaskStudio addresses this need by making it easier to manage complexity, and more significantly, to manage meaning."

Every application has its own information-organizing scheme. Every new piece of software you use requires storing critical information in more folders, databases, and application specific file formats. TaskStudio is an aspirin for this problem because you can now organize information locked in all those applications and documents in a single unified interface, without any coding. "The power of TaskStudio is that it enables people to make sense out of the stream of information which they see every minute of the day on their monitors, without a lot of extra project management overhead," added TriPlus Chairman, Michael Probstel.

Fully compatible with all versions of Windows, NT and above, TaskStudio integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, and other critical knowledge worker applications. TaskStudio is ideally suited for organizations in complex information-rich environments such as consulting, marketing, finance, auditing, and engineering. TaskStudio is currently in limited beta testing. A general public release is expected later this quarter. Interested parties can contact TriPlus for more information.

About TriPlus Technologies
TriPlus Technologies, LLC is a Windows software developer and knowledge work research company with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Santa Barbara, California. TriPlus focuses its development efforts on enabling knowledge workers to be more effective in dealing with complex informational tasks. TaskStudio was developed through working with large organizations that have deployed WinSpace, TriPlus’ desktop management product, and who needed more sophisticated information management and modeling capabilities.